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​Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the National Zero Waste Council.

To complete the application, please email the following supporting documentation to

  1. A Statement of Intent that briefly describes (in 150-250 words) how your organization demonstrates a commitment to waste prevention and reduction. This may include best practices, relevant plans, policies, practices, or specific skills/expertise/knowledge within the organization. The Statement of Intent will only be used for internal purposes, and will not be posted on the NZWC website.
  2. A Letter or Resolution that demonstrates organizational support for the Council (see above).
  • For local and regional governments, this may be a letter from Mayor and Council/Regional District Chair or a copy of an endorsing Council resolution.
  • For all other applicants, a letter of support on organizational letterhead signed by a senior executive/administrator.
Once these documents are received, your application will be considered complete and sent for review and approval. Membership applications are reviewed on a bi-monthly basis. If approved for membership, you will receive a confirmation email requesting your organization's web address and logo to include on the NZWC website.

Thank you,

National Zero Waste Council