Food Working GroupFood Working Group<div class="ExternalClass7D8720D6053449429F5DD748B9722CC8"><p>​The Conference Board of Canada has completed a business case review of fiscal and other incentives to encourage businesses to divert and donate surplus, edible food, and ultimately support communities in need. The project was commissioned by the National Zero Waste Council. An Executive Summary of the <a href="/Documents/NZWCTaxIncentivesReport.pdf" target="_blank">Study on Organic Waste Reduction: Tax Incentive Options for Charitable Food Donations—Making the Business Case</a> is on the website and the full report can be found on the members’ website. Using the business case as a foundation, a policy proposal is now being developed that will articulate how to apply fiscal incentives to reduce waste in Canada. </p> </div>|#c2591d37-d237-45d0-98c3-e84ee55e5dad;L0|#0c2591d37-d237-45d0-98c3-e84ee55e5dad|June 2015;GTSet|#78f153b4-3e08-4266-8725-bd656ec40488<div class="ExternalClass78B3A0DF9D8D4FF39539D0B6CC2405C3"><p>Developing a proposal for the introduction of a fiscal incentive for the donation of surplus, edible food.</p></div>