Product Design and Packaging Working Group Product Design and Packaging Working Group <div class="ExternalClass52744FC40DF9443CBCF53C74B85A6427"><p> <a href="/design/portfolio" target="_blank"><span lang="EN-US"><em>Celebrating Canadian Design for Waste Prevention and Systems Thinking'</em></span></a> is an online portfolio showcasing innovative products and packaging designed in Canada that consider the impacts of a product's full lifecycle from creation to disposal, the next life of the materials, and how to minimize materials at the outset. Examples include <a href="/design/portfolio/keilhauer" target="_blank">Keilhauer's</a> line of felt lounge furniture, and <a href="/design/portfolio/natures-path" target="_blank">Nature's Path Flax Plus</a> cereal boxes. The portfolio's list of outstanding product and packaging designs will be expanded in 2015. </p><p>The working group is also developing a compostable packaging design and assessment program. There is currently a significant amount of misinformation in the marketplace around biodegradable and compostable materials, ranging from claims about what such materials can do, to how they are best managed at end of life. The working group will create a common knowledge base and identify best practices with respect to defining compostable products and packaging, the possibilities and limitations of different materials, and considerations for designing with waste prevention in mind. </p> </div>|#c2591d37-d237-45d0-98c3-e84ee55e5dad;L0|#0c2591d37-d237-45d0-98c3-e84ee55e5dad|June 2015;GTSet|#78f153b4-3e08-4266-8725-bd656ec40488<div class="ExternalClass881EE2A1420047A2859D1870F3963389"><p>‚ÄčLaunching an online design portfolio, <em><a href="/design/portfolio" target="_blank">Celebrating Canadian Design for Waste Prevention and Systems Thinking</a>.</em><strong> </strong></p></div>