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Compostable Packaging Webinar: Understanding the What, Why, and WhereCompostable Packaging Webinar: Understanding the What, Why, and Where<div class="ExternalClassC2CCFCF0360441DEAC665509B6DA8CDE"><p>​​Whether you already know about compostable packaging, are a newbie considering the role of compostable packaging in your operation, or you’re somewhere in between, all attendees will benefit from the knowledge presented during this webinar. Moderated by PAC Packaging Consortium.</p></div>http://www.pac.ca/ePromos/promos/pac1057/, Compostable Packaging Webinar: Understanding the What, Why, and Where2019-09-19T07:00:00Z
Five-part webinar series on plastic waste management solutionsFive-part webinar series on plastic waste management solutions<div class="ExternalClass59997B4340D5492E902AEBEDD759E0D7">FCM’s new webinar series, created in collaboration with the National Zero Waste Council and the Smart Prosperity Institute, shows how Canadian cities and communities of all sizes can meet changes in international regulations in plastic waste, by applying better plastic waste management solutions and implementing circular economy approaches. Register today to see how your municipality can benefit from these new opportunities and apply proven solutions to existing challenges. </div>https://fcm.ca/en/events-training/workshops-webinars/gmf/webinar-series-plastic-waste-management-solutions?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=sample&utm_campaign=gmf-webinar-series, Register today!2019-02-14T08:00:00Z
Workshops – Building Effective Food Donation ProgramsWorkshops – Building Effective Food Donation Programs<div class="ExternalClassE6E89C56A29948FAA64602B4DF012821"><p>Upcoming FLW Workshop in Alberta (Nov 21), help processors and manufacturers build successful donation programs.​</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/effective-food-donation-programs-workshop/Pages/default.aspx, Workshops – Building Effective Food Donation Programs2018-11-21T08:00:00ZFood
2018 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference2018 Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference<div class="ExternalClassC64371D7F4474462AEDE55E717570804"><p>​At the 2018 conference, thought leaders from around the world will highlight the successes, pitfalls, and opportunities they see – as the shift to a circular economy gains momentum. You'll learn how Canadian businesses, communities, and governments can embrace and accelerate their transition to this new model. November 8-9. <a href="http://www.zwc.ca/">Register now</a></p></div>http://www.zwc.ca, 2018 Zero Waste Conference 2018-11-08T08:00:00Z
NZWC 2018 AGMNZWC 2018 AGM<div class="ExternalClass3F9FC4F896784B8EA98DC5F6CD6E3D79"><p>​The Council’s 2018 AGM will be on November 7 in Vancouver. Hear about what we accomplished and help plan for the future. All members and supporters are invited to participate.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/agm-2018/, NZWC 2018 AGM2018-11-07T08:00:00Z
SWANA Day & AGMSWANA Day & AGM<div class="ExternalClassCC6B412D3706477A94112EDC4521E80B"><p>​<span lang="EN-CA">Join us on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at SFU Harbour Centre, in beautiful downtown Vancouver. Be prepared for a full day of networking opportunities, coupled with engaging and informative speakers to complete your day of learning.</span></p></div>https://swanabc.org/event/swana-day-2018/, SWANA Day & AGM2018-11-07T08:00:00Z
Webinar: Advancing the ​Circular Economy Through ProcurementWebinar: Advancing the ​Circular Economy Through Procurement<div class="ExternalClassB08BC05E0B5846B582F22B1937267B11"><p>​​Join a webinar hosted by the National Zero Waste Council, City of Toronto and Recycling Council of Ontario to learn about the City of Toronto's journey to becoming a Circular City and the key considerations for advancing the circular economy through procurement.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/circular-procurement-webinar/Pages/default.aspx, http://www.nzwc.ca/events/circular-procurement-webinar/Pages/default.aspx2018-08-21T07:00:00ZCircular Economy
Successful Food Donation Programs in Processing and RetailSuccessful Food Donation Programs in Processing and Retail<div class="ExternalClass4264858EF3004F17A40AE678D2D4BA87"><p>What makes them work well? Webinar Speakers from Second Harvest, Loblaw Companies Ltd, and Campbell Company Canada discussed how to develop and deliver excellent donation programs that serve Canadians while minimizing wasted food. Webinar recording now available</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/successfull-food-donation-programs-webinar/Pages/default.aspx, Successful food donation programs in processing and retail – what makes them work well? 2018-07-10T07:00:00ZFood
Scaling Up Food Waste Prevention Solutions WebinarScaling Up Food Waste Prevention Solutions Webinar<div class="ExternalClass4C98FF63161541BC8E45CE7C69ED53ED"><p><span lang="EN-US">The Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) will host a webinar featuring the NZWC and ReFED on June 12, 9:00am - 10:00am PST. <a href="http://pac.ca/ePromos/promos/pac0946/" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</span></p></div>http://pac.ca/ePromos/promos/pac0946/, Scaling Up Food Waste Prevention Solutions Webinar2018-06-12T07:00:00ZFood
A Food Loss and Waste Workshop on Date LabellingA Food Loss and Waste Workshop on Date Labelling<div class="ExternalClass243FBF79CBA5473EAAA54D529A74C58D"><p>​An overview of the regulatory context in Canada that governs date labelling. </p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/FoodLossWasteWorkshop/Pages/default.aspx, http://www.nzwc.ca/events/FoodLossWasteWorkshop/Pages/default.aspx2018-06-07T07:00:00ZFood
Circular Economy Challenge Workshop, Sustainable Communities Conference (Ottawa, Ontario)Circular Economy Challenge Workshop, Sustainable Communities Conference (Ottawa, Ontario)<div class="ExternalClassC9AB8DFED805492DAA3AD2551D198024"><p>The NZWC will be co-hosting the Circular Economy Challenge workshop on day three of the annual Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Conference. Feb 6-8, 2018</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/Pages/Sustainable-Communities-Conference.aspx, Circular Economy Challenge Workshop, Sustainable Communities Conference2018-02-06T08:00:00ZCircular Economy
Webinar on Organics Disposal Bans Webinar on Organics Disposal Bans <div class="ExternalClassD0492B8849E4470181DB7AEC6EBCF678">​Webinar recording now available. This webinar shares best practices and considerations for those deciding on whether, and how best, to implement an organics ban in their jurisdiction. </div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/nfwrs-webinars/Pages/Webinar-Registration-Dec-7.aspx, http://www.nzwc.ca/events/nfwrs-webinars/Pages/Webinar-Registration-Dec-7.aspx2017-12-07T08:00:00ZFood
NZWC 2017 Annual General Meeting - Thursday, November 2NZWC 2017 Annual General Meeting - Thursday, November 2<div class="ExternalClassD6CE5CE88C0541F4902D8EC642368066"><p>​All Council Members and Supporters are invited. Highlights include council business, guest presentations, time for exchanging ideas, and an opportunity to network with members from across the country.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/agm-2017/Pages/default.aspx, 2017 NZWC Annual General Meeting - Thursday, November 22017-11-02T07:00:00Z
Zero Waste Conference 2017Zero Waste Conference 2017<div class="ExternalClassC253CDCA3D41469FAB918C93C9777059"><p>​Join us for ZWC 2017 featuring five key areas of innovation: <strong><em>plastics, textiles, food, circular cities and business innovation</em></strong>, this year's conference will present important insights on how we adapt and set the course for a circular economy in Canada.</p> </div>http://www.zwc.ca, http://www.zwc.ca2017-11-01T07:00:00Z
Roundtable event on Compostable PackagingRoundtable event on Compostable Packaging<div class="ExternalClass351C144545BE44099CCBC5B48BB02E16"><p>​Council is hosting an invite-only Stakeholder Roundtable on Compostable Packaging in Canada </p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/events/compostable-packaging-roundtable/Pages/default.aspx, Roundtable event on Compostable Packaging2017-10-04T07:00:00Z