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RAP Toolkit Toolkit,

Recycled Asphalt Pavement Pilot

Focusing on solutions to asphalt waste, the City of Richmond initiated a pilot in collaboration with the National Zero Waste Council and Lafarge Canada to test the performance of RAP and a commitment to document its performance throughout the life cycle. A key goal of the pilot is to encourage expanded use of RAP as well as increase the percentage of RAP in asphalt pavement. This is expected if awareness and confidence in RAP, across the supply chain, can be increased. It also focuses on determining how procurement can be leveraged to reduce the amount of construction and demolition waste being generated from the built environment. The RAP Toolkit provides details of the pilot and resources for other governments and asphalt producers interested in pursuing RAP projects.
In November 2020, a busy 800-meter of road in Richmond was paved with asphalt containing 40% RAP. The pilot has seen great success to date and performance will be evaluated annually.

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Average RAP content usage is compared across countries.
Learn more about average Japanese RAP projects in the RAP Scoping Study.

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“We need leaders out there to show us a way. The City of Richmond has taken that leadership role, as has Metro Vancouver. Now we can take that technology, those savings, that green movement and go to every community throughout British Columbia and Canada.”

Kelly Scott, President of BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction