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Working Group

​Supporting Knowledge Sharing + Innovation

The NZWC's Product Design and Packaging working group focuses on a circular design approach to prevent or reduce waste throughout all stages of a product's lifecycle. The working group encourages collaboration across sectors through webinars, publications, conference presentations, and roundtables that support knowledge sharing and promote innovative best practices.

Working Group Members

  • Matt Livingston, Nature's Path
  • Councilor Pete Fry, City of Vancouver (Co-Chair)
  • Susanna Carson, BSI Biodegradable Solutions
  • Colin Isaacs, CIAL Group
  • Shannon Betts, Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Jeanette Hanna, BASF
  • Allen Jensen, Metro Vancouver
  • Isaul Lopez, Biopolymers, BASF
  • Julian Radlein, SymbiAudit Inc.
  • Nicole Fischer, Heinz Kraft Canada
  • Diana Kydd, A&W Food Services of Canada
  • Jonathan Cocker, Borden Ladner Gervais
  • Cody Irwin, Sharewares