Canada united in the achievement of zero waste, now and for future generations

National Communication Campaigns

Our goal is to help citizens take actions to reduce waste at its source. Many businesses and governmental agencies have launched public awareness campaigns that focus on recycling. We are seeking to promote campaigns aimed at waste prevention. By sharing information on campaigns that have proven successful, together we can help to spread the message to others across Canada.

Who can use these campaigns?

Any organization that seeks to promote the reduction of waste, such as government groups, NGOs and businesses across Canada

Who can share their campaigns?

Any organization that has developed and used a waste reduction campaign that has demonstrated success in building awareness or changing behaviors.

How campaigns are selected

All campaigns submitted will be reviewed by the Working Group. Campaigns with proven results will be given priority.

If you have used a successful waste reduction campaign, why not help others by sharing it? To do so, please fill out the online form.


Campaigns that worked - yours to use


Create Memories - Not Garbage Campaign

Create Memories – Not Garbage
(Metro Vancouver holiday waste reduction campaign)

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Go Bagless Campaign
Go Bagless Campaign

Leave it on Your Lawn
(Edmonton organics reduction campaign)

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Social Marketing Plan – Best Practices Guide

This guide, and example of how it can be used, will help communications professionals from the private, public and NGO sectors create a social marketing plan for their behaviour change initiatives.

Social Marketing Plan Best Practices Guide

Best Practices Guide Example: Edmonton Grasscycling Campaign