The Construction, Renovation and Demolition (CRD) Working Group will advance waste prevention and reduction in the construction and built environment sector in Canada. It is estimated that as much as a third of municipal solid waste streams is generated by CRD activities. Working collaboratively, the CRD Working Group will assess opportunities to enhance waste prevention and circular economy approaches within the industry – such as designing with end-of-life in mind; designing for disassembly (modularity), and enhancing reuse.

  • Working Group Members
    • David Redfern, Vice President & General Manager, LaFargeHolcim (Co-Chair)
    • Clint Undseth, Vice President Innovation, Stuart Olson (Co-Chair)
    • Adam Corneil, Naturally Crafted 
    • Helen Goodland, Brantwood Consulting
    • Peter Hargreave, Policy Integrity Inc.
    • Tom Land, EcoWaste
    • Andrew Marr, Metro Vancouver Solid Waste
    • Faisal Mirza, Senior Project Manager, City of Vancouver
    • Phil Northcott, Founder, C-Change Labs
    • Irene Yang / Shervan Khanna, BASF
New member recruitment currently underway