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Celebrating Canadian design for waste prevention and systems-thinking

This portfolio celebrates Canadian products and packaging that take the entire lifecycle into account during design, and are moving towards a circular economy by minimizing waste. Each featured product has been assessed for its ability to deliver on key principles for waste prevention and systems-thinking. From fashion to furniture, businesses are finding cost-savings, reduced environmental impacts, and increased consumer appeal by designing differently.

Visit the products below to see how design can deliver on moving us toward zero waste. View list of the portfolio's external reviewers.




Eclipse Awardshttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Eclipse AwardsEclipse Awards<div class="ExternalClassC5CC6F8D1DED4FC59894284CA8231928"><p>Premium, bespoke recognition awards handcrafted from locally salvaged and recycled materials. Eclipse is the world’s first carbon-neutral awards company and operates in a living building in Vancouver, BC</p> </div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/EclipseAwards.jpg, Portfolio Image
Sans Souciehttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Sans SoucieSans Soucie<div class="ExternalClass1011512F9F70425AA0A36A6E2A457020"><p>​Sans Soucie shines in the textile industry by exclusively sourcing 'waste' hosiery from manufacturers and transforming them into wearable zero waste garments. </p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/sanscousie-large.jpg, Portfolio image
Abeegohttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/AbeegoAbeego<div class="ExternalClassF15677604B4443178C211EA6875C6E5C"><div>​Abeego uses an old world recipe of all-natural materials to create a reusable replacement for your plastic cling wrap. A combination of hemp, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and beeswax.</div></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/abeego-600x600.jpg, Portfolio image
Interface Canadahttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/InterfaceInterface Canada<div class="ExternalClassEE60703D10804E76BED90EC7349BFA2C">​Interface is a global company creating modular carpet tiles made using upcycled nylon. Their carpet tiles are easily replaceable and feature an innovative lock system that allows them to be moved between locations.<br><br></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/interface_600x600.jpg, Portfolio image
Our Paper Lifehttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/OurPaperLifeOur Paper Life<div class="ExternalClass4E8A307D964C42BF8FBAAED6968CF57C">​Our Paper Life uses simple, recyclable cardboard to construct high impact displays and furniture. Their products are reusable and fully recyclable throughout Canada. </div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/OurPaperLife_600x600.jpg, Portfolio image
Keilhauerhttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/KeilhauerKeilhauer<div class="ExternalClass4ED81180F31F4CB99B399B66FC36214D"><p>Leather, felt, and steel make Keilhauer’s Felt lounge collection. The company aims for closed loop manufacturing, with minimal waste manufacturing techniques, adding value to their by-products, and easy instructions for disassembly.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/Keilhauer.jpg, Portfolio Image
Live for Tomorrowhttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Live for TomorrowLive for Tomorrow<div class="ExternalClassAAB9552D93F6495996AC1D3E227F6D0C"><p>Reduce, reuse, recycle – Live for Tomorrow hits them all with their highly concentrated natural and biodegradable laundry detergent that comes in a refillable bottle that you can recycle after use. With 4 pumps per load, this little bottle gives you 50 loads of eco-friendly performance. Replacement pumps are available to sustain the life of the packaging.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/LiveforTomorrow.jpg, Portfolio Image
Mountain Skyhttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Mountain SkyMountain Sky<div class="ExternalClassA10C4CEF8E76458D8CF546AF3D92CB8D"><p>Crafting using simple natural ingredients, Mountain Sky produces a biodegradable, river friendly soap packaged in a recyclable box. By creating a destiny for their soap ends and sticking to reused packaging materials, Mountain Sky minimizes the waste footprint of these long lasting bars.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/MountainSky.jpg, Portfolio Image
Nature’s Pathhttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Natures PathNature’s Path<div class="ExternalClass3F3D62B72E4845349B47B767CD4FE39B"><p>Careful paperboard design, space and weight optimization helped Nature’s Path reduce their paperboard consumption for their granola by 10% over a single year in 2011. Nature’s Path prioritizes recyclable materials in their packaging.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/NaturesPath.jpg, Portfolio Image
Steelcasehttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/SteelcaseSteelcase<div class="ExternalClass92281D5BD36D4BB2934CBDACABF74A6B"><p>By sourcing simple recycled materials, crafting a light, 15kg product (including packaging!), shipping in reusable totes, offering replacement parts, designing for easy disassembly and 99% recyclability by weight, Steelcase plans the entire lifecycle of their high performance New Think chairs.</p> </div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/Steelcase.jpg, Portfolio Image
Boardroom EcoApparelhttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Boardroom EcoApparelBoardroom EcoApparel<div class="ExternalClass7790FE1C47A94052BE4DDBD8AA4E3AE7"><p>Hydrate, wear, return. Boardroom EcoApparel takes recycling to heart, using PET water bottles to make their line of 100% recycled polyester apparel. Their verified supply chain doesn’t stop when it gets to you, Boardroom will take your used 100% polyester items right back into their manufacturing stream.</p></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/BoardroomEcoApparel.jpg, Portfolio Image
Viva Healthcarehttp://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/Viva HealthcareViva Healthcare<div class="ExternalClass0DBA930EB7A84C15BF1E5986F8001924"><div><p>Viva Healthcare is innovating in the personal care aisle by introducing a polypropylene (plastic #5) tube for your lotions and gels. Cutting waste throughout their production, they're pushing the next generation of healthcare products designed for zero waste.</p></div></div>http://www.nzwc.ca/focus/design/portfolio/ProductImages/viva-tube.jpg, Portfolio image

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