Canada united in the achievement of zero waste, now and for future generations

Design Portfolio External Review Panel

In 2015, the National Zero Waste Council established this distinguished, independent panel of experts to review proposals for the latest entries to its portfolio of products that demonstrate the power of design in preventing and reducing waste:


  • Dr. Getachew Assefa Wondimagegnehu, Associate Professor of Environmental Design, University of Calgary, and Athena Chair in Life Cycle Assessment
  • Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT, a consortium of more than 2000 businesses devoted to preventing waste from packaging
  • Dr. Joseph Chiodo, Designer and Inventor of Active Disassembly, which uses smart materials in products and components for easy dismantling and reuse
  • William F. Hoffman II, Manager, Science Team, UL Environment, which develops the technical basis for standards and guidance for green chemistry and product certification
  • Louise St. Pierre, Researcher and Teacher at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University, Vancouver, has international expertise in sustainable design and medical design
  • Katherine O’Dea, Sustainability professional, working with business and industry and In 2014, Co-founder of Circular Economy Strategists (2014)