Working upstream to plan waste out of the equation is the focus of the Council’s Product Design and Packaging Working Group, by adopting a circular design approach to optimize material inputs, prevent and reduce waste throughout all stages of a product lifecycle. The Group encourages collaboration across sectors to influence product and packaging design for waste prevention and reduction through webinars, publications, conference presentations and roundtables that support knowledge sharing and promote innovative best practices.


  • Working Group Members
    • Manuel Gorrin, Sustainability and Stewardship Manager, Nature’s Path (Co-Chair)
    • Susanna Carson, CEO, BSI Biodegradable Solutions
    • Colin Isaacs, CIAL Group
    • Shannon Betts, Halifax Regional Municipality
    • Jeanette Hanna, Market Development - Biopolymers, BASF
    • Allen Jensen, Project Engineer, Solid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver
    • Isaul Lopez, Sales and Business Development - Biopolymers, BASF
    • Julian Radlein, SymbiAudit Inc.