The Council’s Product Design and Packaging Working Group is targeting waste generation through initiatives that encourage collaborative action across sectors with the potential to influence product design and packaging; and which support knowledge sharing and the promotion of best practice innovations.


  • Working Group Members
    • Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT (Co-Chair)
    • Susanna Carson, CEO, BSI Biodegradable Solutions (Co-Chair)
    • Allen Jensen, Assistant Project Engineer, Solid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver
    • Laurie Lewis, Diversion Planning Coordinator, Halifax Regional Municipality
    • Colin Isaacs, CIAL Group
    • Julian Radlein, SymbiAudit Inc.
    • Isaul Lopez, Sales and Business Development - Biopolymers, BASF
    • Jeanette Hanna, Market Development - Biopolymers, BASF