Online Survey National Food Waste Reduction Strategy - March – June 2017

Canada’s National Zero Waste Council has developed a cross-sector National Food Waste Reduction Strategy (the Strategy) to significantly cut the amount of nutritious food going to landfills. The Strategy presents a range of initiatives under three pillars: policy change, innovation in technology and infrastructure, and behavior change.

Food waste costs Canadian households, local governments and businesses, and contributes to carbon pollution and climate change. One authoritative estimate pegs the economic value of food waste in Canada at least $31 billion annually (VCM International, 2014).

We want to refine and strengthen the Strategy and build a constituency of collaborators. We are looking to identify emerging initiatives, potential challenges, and opportunities that may assist in implementation. We are seeking feedback from stakeholders and experts in different sectors nationwide. Feedback can be provided until June 30, 2017 through various mechanisms, including the survey below.

We invite your feedback by reviewing the Strategy and answering the following questions.

  National Food Waste Reduction Strategy



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1. Which actions in the Strategy would you prioritize and why?

2. Are there emerging initiatives in Canada that would help us deliver on the strategy? If so, please describe.

3. What barriers may hinder the successful implementation of the strategy?

4. What stakeholders should the National Zero Waste Council collaborate with to address food waste in Canada?

5. Is there additional feedback you would like to provide?