​You or your organization can join the NZWC either as a supporter or a member. List of members


Membership in the Council is open to: Local, provincial, federal or territorial government entities; businesses or business organizations which are incorporated or have been in business for three years; other public or academic entities which support the guiding principles, mission and vision of the National Zero Waste Council, are advancing waste prevention through the work of their organization, and are available to contribute to the work agenda of the Council. Individuals and organizations that do not meet the requirements for membership but support the vision of the National Zero Waste Council and want to follow the Council’s progress, can sign up as a Supporter to receive regular updates.


Member Benefits

Supporter Benefits

Be involved in the development of new solutions and partnerships to address waste generationKeep up to date with developments from the Council through regular notifications
Excellent networking opportunities with stakeholders from across CanadaInvitations to participate in zero waste webinars and online discussions
Invitations to participate in zero waste webinars, online discussions and workshopsInvitations to participate in zero waste webinars and online discussions
​Unlimited access to Members’ Area and resources​Access to selected educational resources
​Quarterly bulletin​Quarterly bulletin
​Opportunity to participate in working groups and projects​--
​Raise issues and activities for the Council to consider and progress​--
​Exchange ideas, knowledge and zero waste resources across sectors​--
​Be involved in research, policy, harmonization and advocacy initiatives​--
​Show support for waste prevention and the responsible use of resources​--
​Invitation to the Annual General Meeting​--
​Reciprocal link on the NZWC website​--
​No fee​No fee