Lifecycle Designs that Work in the MarketplaceLifecycle Designs that Work in the Marketplace,



<div class="ExternalClass9F9BC261D1CF4EB8BEF584342FC97828"><p>The linear make-use-dispose model of product and packaging design is shifting. Many businesses are now investing in designs that take a whole systems approach, incorporating both the present and future life of materials being used.  Concluding our 3 part webinar series on applying life cycle thinking to products and packaging, this webinar brings together large and small businesses who are investing in new designs, new approaches that range from modifying package design to reduce waste and optimise waste management, to designing for disassembly and developing renewable materials that replace fossil-fuel polymers. </p><p>Moderated by: Alan Blake, Co-Lead, National Zero Waste Council Product Design & Packaging Working Group, and Executive Director, PAC NEXT</p></div>2014-12-04T08:00:00Z