Towards a New EconomyTowards a New Economy,



<div class="ExternalClassB9CEC4FCDD0347BB992AF14583056202"><p>Thriving in a resource-constrained world requires moving from a linear to a circular economy, embracing the sharing of resources and assets, and giving greater consideration as to how to reduce the resource footprint of goods we use, produce and consume. What does this shift, which is taking place in Europe and picking up speed in North America, mean for waste prevention and reduction? What are the business opportunities, and challenges, afforded by both the sharing and circular economy? What best practices can we scale up and what can we learn from them? What companies are heading in this direction and how do we continue to advance this new economic trend? What do governments, responsible for the regulatory and policy environment businesses operate in, need to be aware of? Featured speakers explore these questions and more.</p></div>2015-06-25T07:00:00Z