The Business Case for a Circular EconomyThe Business Case for a Circular Economy,



<div class="ExternalClassC516A7A9D2524BF1B629E2AD5ADBBDE6">​Profiling National Zero Waste Council Case Study Findings<br><br> <p>This webinar will profile businesses in Canada working within the circular economy, recently studied and profiled by the National Zero Waste Council Circular Economy Working Group.<br><br> The circular economy is gaining traction worldwide as a significant opportunity for businesses to innovate, create value and thrive amidst market volatility, changing consumer demands and the threat of resource scarcity.  Aiming to replace today's linear "take-make-dispose" economy with one that is restorative by design – a circular economy sees secondary materials put back into the system, reducing dependencies on raw materials and minimizing the generation of waste in the production, consumption and use of goods.  While driving innovation in business sustainability among leading brands and companies, the circular economy is also opening up and advancing new business models and opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs.</p><p>During this webinar, learn about the range and diversity of circular economy activity in Canada and BC, and opportunities to "scale-up", including: </p><p></p><ul><li><p>What business strategies and models are considered "circular", from resource recovery, circular supplies through to product life extension, product as a service  and sharing platforms;</p></li><li><p>Opportunities for embracing circularity within your own organization;</p></li><li><p>How embracing circularity can be a key to success – helping businesses save money while reducing environmental impact and improving performance and competitiveness;</p></li><li><p>Overcoming challenges to closing the loop and minimizing waste.</p></li></ul>  <p></p></div>2015-01-30T08:00:00Z