LifeCycle Thinking for Waste Prevention: What Do We Need to Know?LifeCycle Thinking for Waste Prevention: What Do We Need to Know?222238634,



<div class="ExternalClass7DC034C9CD6642178613F1D0E7B02FA5"><p>​From rigid shampoo bottles to flexible drinks pouches, there is a vast array of consumer goods redesigned with a whole life cycle approach to sustainability. But how is waste prevention treated within this whole systems approach? How do we know when a product or package design prevents or reduces waste, and what are the trade-offs? The use of lifecycle thinking and lifecycle assessment tools (LCAs) to define a ‘sustainable’ product or package can be challenging, especially when looking for specific outcomes like solid waste prevention. Hear from the experts in business and certifying bodies who apply lifecycle thinking and what they think the possibilities, limitations, and considerations are for applying lifecycle thinking to zero waste.<br><br>Moderator: Alan Blake, Co-lead, National Zero Waste Council Product Design and Packaging Working Group, and Executive Director, PAC NEXT</p></div>2014-10-29T07:00:00Z