The Business Case for Zero Waste Design WebinarThe Business Case for Zero Waste Design Webinar,



<div class="ExternalClass2D37FDE689B64DF686832ED52AD317B2"><p>There is growing pressure on business to produce less waste in the design and production of goods and packaging. Is this pressure matched by performance? Is there a clear understanding of the benefits to zero waste – for shareholders and consumers? Is there a clear understanding of how to put zero waste into practice – what do we need to consider when matching pressure to performance with respect to delivering on waste reduction? In this webinar, hear from three standout companies on why designing waste out of their products and packaging makes good business sense – and how designing for zero waste needs to consider things like employee engagement, the impact of expanding market areas, and finding the right consumer niche. </p><p>Moderated by Alan Blake, formerly Executive Director, PAC Next</p><p>Speakers:</p><ul><li>Jason Boyce, Sustainability Manager, Nature's Path Foods - <a href="/videos/WebinarPresentations/JasonBoyce-Presentation.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a></li><li>Geoff Christou, Co-founder, Our Paper Life - <a href="/videos/WebinarPresentations/GeoffChristou-Presentation.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a></li><li>Munu Hicken-Gaberria, President and CEO, Live for Tomorrow - <a href="/videos/WebinarPresentations/MunuHicken-Gaberria-Presentation.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a></li></ul> </div>2016-11-22T08:00:00Z