Webinar on Organics Disposal Bans Webinar on Organics Disposal Bans https://meet66017093.adobeconnect.com/_a1125030597/ptdyjlyjwrvk?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal, https://meet66017093.adobeconnect.com/_a1125030597/ptdyjlyjwrvk?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal2017-12-07T08:00:00Z



<div class="ExternalClass447527D7409C4A0DB7C49DB0BE93F88A"><p>‚ÄčThis webinar features speakers from local and regional government authorities in Canada that are either in the planning stages or have already implemented a ban on the disposal of organics. Hosted by the National Zero Waste Council (NZWC), this webinar is intended to provide tips and insights to other locales considering an organics disposal ban. The discussion will touch on pros and cons for putting a ban in place, stakeholder consultation, impacts on other residential/commercial producers of organic wastes, common pitfalls and monitoring for success. </p></div>2017-12-07T08:00:00Z