Implementing a Circular Business StrategyImplementing a Circular Business Strategy,



<div class="ExternalClassD8ED90836281430A9C23750B068D2DC6"><p>​Featuring National Zero Waste Council Circular Economy Toolkit Findings & Insights from Circular Business Pioneers<br></p> <span> <p>Join us on June 15th to hear practical tips and insights from business leaders from TerraCycle, Dell and Caterpillar, alongside corporate sustainability specialist Coro Strandberg, on how to implement a circular business strategy.<br><br>The circular economy is changing the way businesses do business – offering opportunity to save costs, reduce waste, and open up new business opportunities and revenues.  Hear from early business pioneers in the circular economy movement about why circularity matters and how to implement a circular strategy. Drawing on findings from the soon to be launched National Zero Waste Circular Economy Business Toolkit, participants will learn how to identify the biggest opportunities that the circular economy offers their business and how to begin to pursue a circular strategy.  Where to begin? What are the risks? What are the benefits? <br><br>Moderator: Brock Macdonald, Vice Chair, National Zero Waste Council and CEO, Recycling Council of BC <br><br>Toolkit Findings: Coro Strandberg, President, Strandberg Consulting Inc.<br></p></span></div>2016-06-28T07:00:00Z