By design: waste prevention and textiles WebinarBy design: waste prevention and textiles Webinar,



<div class="ExternalClass9DDFCD9836DA4DD8A36F30496E9087D2"><div><p>​Featuring fashion-industry designers and leaders at the forefront of waste prevention<br><br>As major retailers make fashion more affordable to millions worldwide, fears are growing about the environmental and economic costs of cheap clothing. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that it takes 8,500 litres of water to produce 1 kg of cotton – enough for only one pair of jeans. While some companies trumpet increased efficiencies and take-back programs, <a href="" target="_blank">new figures</a> indicate that, per capita, North Americans discard on average of more than 8 garbage bags of clothing per year – turning landfills into vast laundry piles.<br><br>How can design extend the life of garments, and their reuse? What techniques maximize the use of fabric? Is there money in more durable clothing? And what can be learned from pioneers of waste prevention in other sectors?<br><br>Join participants from across Canada and beyond for answers to these questions, practical tips and best practices from leaders in the business of squeezing waste out of the design of beautiful textiles and clothing.<br><br> Moderator: Alan Blake, Executive Director, PAC NEXT and Chair, NZWC Product Design and Packaging Working Group<br></p></div></div>2016-07-07T07:00:00Z