National Zero Waste Council

Canada united in the achievement of zero waste, now and for future generations

Bringing together organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada.

The National Zero Waste Council has united, among others, five of Canada’s largest metropolitan regions – Metro Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton – with key business and government leaders, academia and non-profit organizations in a call for national action and systems change to address waste generation.



Circular Cities Webinar, March 14Circular Cities Webinar, March 14<div class="ExternalClassA836C54973FC4CEBA01782FE4EB42DE1"><p>​The first in a two-part series on circular cities: hear about Amsterdam's transition from Jacqueline Cramer, Professor of Sustainable Innovation at Utrecht University.</p></div>, Circular Cities, Amsterdam
Genesis of zero-waste designGenesis of zero-waste design<div class="ExternalClass25A40960A2C4416DAB97FE02C8694BFA"><p>This Circular blog is a dispatch from the frontlines of forward-thinking product and packaging design.</p></div>, Link to Circular blog about zero-waste design, Reusable food wrap made from beeswax
Food waste video in UN contestFood waste video in UN contest<div class="ExternalClass2595417B607A492A8FA9F57830D5E59D"><p>​Check out our entry in the United Nations Environment Programme /CEC Make #Not Wasting a Way of Life video contest</p></div>, Food waste video in UN contest, Cover of the above strategic document
Circular Economy Business ToolkitCircular Economy Business Toolkit<div class="ExternalClass74C409E13734488180BE5DBF19EC5594"><p> This Toolkit, now available in French and English, focuses on business strategy, design innovation and stakeholder engagement to provide a how-to guide for companies, large and small, to future-proof their firms in the circular economy—and reap the dividends. </p> </div>,,

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New Management Board announcedNew Management Board announced<div class="ExternalClass6298E079FF0242EB8A6FFAB358D3A558"><p>​This news release lists the full, and richly diverse, membership of the National Zero Waste Council Board for 2017.</p></div>, News Release2016-11-04T07:00:00Z
Launch of National Food Waste Reduction Strategy Launch of National Food Waste Reduction Strategy <div class="ExternalClassB01A67F038CA4496AB051AFBAA6FAF77"><p>​Our news release, issued on the day of the launch, attracted national coverage in major print and broadcast media. </p></div>, News release2016-11-03T07:00:00Z
Federation of Canadian Municipalities backs tax incentiveFederation of Canadian Municipalities backs tax incentive<div class="ExternalClass52F0B707E0484F898B143832355132A2"><p>​This news release announced the FCM's endorsement of the Council's proposal for a federal tax incentive to boost donations of nutritious food.</p></div>, News release2016-10-11T07:00:00Z
Preventing food waste and tackling climate changePreventing food waste and tackling climate change<div class="ExternalClassEA538636E2974ABA856456D11C5CD7B0"><p>​Our submission to the federal government shows how a National Food Waste Reduction Strategy would help Canada deliver on its commitment to reduce carbon emissions</p></div>,
News release for launch of Circular Economy Business ToolkitNews release for launch of Circular Economy Business Toolkit<div class="ExternalClassFD4C7264F10F4D95B9FACA142DEF5EF9"><p>The Circular Economy Business Toolkit, released by<br>the National Zero Waste Council.</p></div>,



Industrial Revolution 4.0: NZWC Workshop at GLOBE 2016 Conference Economy/21Industrial Revolution 4.0: NZWC Workshop at GLOBE 2016 Conference2016-03-04T08:00:00ZBrightcove4790451277001
The Business Case for Zero Waste Design Webinar, Business Case for Zero Waste Design Webinar2016-11-22T08:00:00ZAdobeConnect
New food waste video food waste video2017-01-16T08:00:00ZBrightcove5273324439001
Food Waste Campaign, Waste Campaign2015-09-29T07:00:00ZYouTube
By design: waste prevention and textiles Webinar, design: waste prevention and textiles Webinar2016-07-07T07:00:00ZAdobeConnect
About Us Economy/1About Us2016-06-28T07:00:00ZBrightcove4507124361001

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