National Zero Waste Council

Canada united in the achievement of zero waste, now and for future generations

Bringing together organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada.

The National Zero Waste Council has united, among others, five of Canada’s largest metropolitan regions – Metro Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton – with key business and government leaders, academia and non-profit organizations in a call for national action and systems change to address waste generation.



Call for collaboration on National Food Waste StrategyCall for collaboration on National Food Waste Strategy<div class="ExternalClass05A365CA8E0A48CC9F451A18D1CCB164"><p>The Council formally invites businesses and NGOs in all sectors and governments at all levels to contribute to its draft National Food Waste Reduction Strategy. </p></div>,,
Big squeeze, huge opportunityBig squeeze, huge opportunity<div class="ExternalClassE13D0598F54045A09DB82D92CF3D03A8"><p>​In our latest Circular blog, Alan Blake, Executive Director of PAC NEXT, looks at the major challenge and huge opportunities in squeezing waste out product design and packaging.</p></div>,,
Register now for Conference, Nov. 3Register now for Conference, Nov. 3<div class="ExternalClassC286685CB98344D0AC0248D2F54CFA9D"><p>The 2016 Zero Waste Conference features, among others, keynote speaker Neri Oxman, architect, designer and MIT Associate Professor, whose research group is pioneering ways that products, including buildings, can be created from nature and embedded in natural cycles. </p></div>, Zero Waste Conference 2016, Neri Oxman
Circular Economy Business ToolkitCircular Economy Business Toolkit<div class="ExternalClass74C409E13734488180BE5DBF19EC5594"><p> This Toolkit, now available in French and English, focuses on business strategy, design innovation and stakeholder engagement to provide a how-to guide for companies, large and small, to future-proof their firms in the circular economy—and reap the dividends. </p> </div>,,

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NZWC 2016 AGMNZWC 2016 AGM<div class="ExternalClass27971049A5DA490CB4DCAE583A91DBD3"><p>​Council Members and Supporters are encouraged to attend the AGM, which includes an update on activities and the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair. <a href="/Pages/AGMRegistration.aspx">Register here</a></p></div>,
Circular Economy Business Lunch, EdmontonCircular Economy Business Lunch, Edmonton<div class="ExternalClassA7FBF9C9219F46EB89CF831F3CD98A55"><p>​Hear strategist Coro Strandberg introduce our seminal Circular Economy Business Toolkit. Event is co-hosted by the City of Edmonton and Recycling Council of Alberta. Learn more </p></div>,
Policy Solutions LabPolicy Solutions Lab<div class="ExternalClass60FF0EB725D04CA6B6611F6991786170"><p>​Business leaders to tackle how to enhance circular flow of materials & reuse. Register here</p></div>,
Design for Waste Prevention WorkshopDesign for Waste Prevention Workshop<div class="ExternalClass810BD8E3E84D4867B7820F16BD487BFB"><p>​National Roundtable in Toronto. Register here</p></div>,
NZWC’s National Food Waste Reduction StrategyNZWC’s National Food Waste Reduction Strategy<div class="ExternalClassEA538636E2974ABA856456D11C5CD7B0"><p>​Council submits to the Federal Government how a National Food Waste Reduction Strategy could help deliver on Canada's commitment to reduce GHGs</p></div>,



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