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What We're Doing

The NZWC is leading the adoption of circular approaches across Canada by forging national collaborations and providing support to businesses and communities.

Advancing National Collaboration: Circular Economy Leadership Coalition

The NZWC is proud to be a founding member of the Circular Economy Leadership Coalition – a national alliance of leading business and civil society actors working together to advance Canada’s circular economy. Through this work, we are convening national conversations to identify opportunities for accelerating Canada’s circular economy transition, and we are supporting efforts to advance a circular plastics economy for Canada.

Supporting Business Innovation and Transformation

The NZWC Circular Economy Business Toolkit (Français) offers business leaders a strategic approach to becoming circular. It is a how-to guide for businesses of all sizes and sectors, beginning to explore the opportunities of circular modes of production and service. The guide draws on a range of existing resources and research to outline how businesses can benefit.

Supporting Canadian Cities and Regions

Global circular economy efforts are increasingly focusing on the role of local governments in catalyzing the shift to a circular economy. In 2017, the NZWC started looking closely at how to support local governments and in 2018, the Circular Economy Working Group commissioned a paper of global approaches and an analysis of key insights for Canadian local governments.

The paper confirmed that there are a number of ways that local governments can and are supporting circular economy activity and identified four key intervention points:

  • Research and Education
  • Support and Collaboration
  • Procurement and Operations
  • Planning and Regulation

The Council is proud to be working with partners to launch a Canadian Circular Cities and Regions pilot in 2021.

Zero Waste Conference

Established in 2010, the Zero Waste Conference (ZWC) is presented annually by Metro Vancouver and the NZWC, offering participants a curated program of local and global thought leaders who share their insights and inspirations about circular economy success stories and waste prevention innovations. The ZWC is widely recognized as a hub for connection and collaboration on circular economy advancement in Canada.