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Working Group

Construction, Renovation and Demolition Working Group

The National Zero Waste Council CRD working group assesses opportunities to enhance waste prevention and promote circular economy principles within the construction and built environment sector in Canada. Made up of industry professionals and government representatives across the CRD industry in Canada, the working group is split into two sub-committees, each overseeing separate material areas.

  • Lincoln Kyne, Vice President & General Manager, LaFargeHolcim (CRD WG Chair)

Wood Waste Sub-Committee

The sub-committee provides expertise on the wood waste supply chain. Working together to identify and promote wood waste diversion initiatives, the sub-committee members are: 

  • Faisal Mirza, City of Vancouver (Lead)
  • Suzanne Bycraft, City of Richmond
  • Adam Corneil, Unbuilders
  • Terry Fulton, Metro Vancouver
  • Christian Dietrich, EcoWaste
  • Sophie Langlois-Blouin, RECYC-QUÉBEC
  • Rustam Punja, Geocycle Canada Inc. (a member of LafargeHolcim)
  • Jason London, City of Calgary
  • Cinci Csere, Sea to Sky Removal
  • Jasper van de Wetering, Lehigh Cement
  • Chris Arkell, Sea to Sky Removal
  • Adriana Velázquez, Metro Vancouver

Recycled Asphalt Paving Sub-Committee

The Recycled Asphalt Paving (RAP) sub-committee focuses on the development of a certification program that will aim to create greater use of RAP-diverting waste from landfills and reduce the use of virgin materials. Members include:

  • Lincoln Kyne, Vice President & General Manager, LaFargeHolcim (CRD WG Chair)
  • Peter Russel, Sr. Manager, Sustainability & District Energy, City of Richmond
  • Faisal Mirza, City of Vancouver