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Who We Are

The National Zero Waste Council is a leadership initiative of Metro Vancouver, bringing together governments, businesses and non-government organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada and the transition to a circular economy.
Founded by Metro Vancouver in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2013, the Council has united, among others, six of Canada's largest metropolitan regions – Metro Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton – with key business and government leaders, academia and non-profit organizations in a call for national action and systems change to address waste generation.
The National Zero Waste Council is governed by a Management Board, with staff and administrative support provided by a Secretariat. The Council uses member-led working groups to collaboratively advance projects in support of its vision and mission.

​Chair & Vice-Chair



City of Richmond1City of RichmondMalcolmBrodieChair<div class="ExternalClassE6006CB3D51F4E6AA05974517546B24D"><p> <strong>Chair, Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee and Chair, National Zero Waste Council</strong> </p><p> Malcolm Brodie has been a Management Board Director and Chair of the National Zero Waste Council since its inception in October 2013. He has also been a member of Council for the City of Richmond BC since 1996 and was sworn in as Mayor on October 29, 2001. Mayor Brodie was re-elected in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2018.</p><p> Malcolm Brodie has been appointed by Richmond City Council to the Board of Directors of Metro Vancouver and he is currently the Chair of the Water Committee, Vice-Chair of the Performance & Audit Committee, and also serves on the Intergovernmental & Finance Committee, the Mayors’ Committee, and the Industrial Lands Strategy Task Force. He represents Metro Vancouver on the Municipal Finance Authority of BC and has been its Chair since 2015.​​</p><p> Before election to Richmond City Council, Mayor Brodie was a practicing lawyer with a long record of service to Richmond in the volunteer community. ​​ </p></div>, Malcolm Brodie
Packaging Consortium (PAC)15Packaging Consortium (PAC)JamesDownhamVice Chair<div class="ExternalClass0911F2FA44054CD586D63F218DB75FEA"><p>​​​Jim Downham is a former package manufacturing CEO. Currently he is the CEO of PAC Packaging Consortium and Chairman of LeaderLinx, executive recruiter serving leading packaging companies. Jim is the Vice Chairman of the National Zero Waste Council.</p><p>In 2014 Jim was inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame; he is a Passionate Sustainability, Circular Economy and Brand Design Leader. Jim is a member of the 2018 Packaging Hall of Fame Commission.</p><p>PAC Packaging Consortium is a nonprofit association that serves global client partners across the packaging value chain to achieve their business objectives. Under Jim's leadership PAC has created several packaging programs including PAC NEXT and PAC FOOD Sustainability Programs; the IFS PAC secure globally recognized food packaging safety standard; intelliPACK, A Smart Packaging Innovation Catalyst; the PAC GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS and the PACed Certificate Program. </p><p>Jim serves on various packaging nonprofit boards and supports students through packaging design competitions and scholarships. </p></div>, James Downham

​Management Board

Executive leadership responsible for the Council’s strategic development, business planning and operations.



One Earth11One EarthVanessaTimmerManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassE15A551EE7E149D2AC97A570CA1EEBB3"><p><strong>​Executive Director, One Earth</strong></p><p>Dr. Vanessa Timmer is the Executive Director of One Earth, a Vancouver, Canada-based environmental ‘think and do tank’ creating and imagining sustainable ways of living in cities and around the world. One Earth collaborates with partners to transform how people live their lives – what they need, what they consume and produce, and what they aspire to – enabling everyone to live good quality of lives within their fair share of our planet’s resources.</p><p>Vanessa is also a Senior Research Fellow at Utrecht University with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development and Urban Futures Studio. She holds a Doctorate and studied at Queen’s University, Oxford, UBC and Harvard. Vanessa sits on the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee for the United Nations 10YFP Sustainable Lifestyles Programme. In Canada, she is on the Managing Board of the National Zero Waste Council and is a member of the Vancouver Foundation Partnership Committee.</p><p>In 2018, Vanessa received the 2018 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in Environmental Sustainability.</p></div>, Vanessa Timmer
BASF Canada 16BASF Canada IreneYangManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass8CEBB1A801854F0894D18D490BD9D728"><p><strong>​Director, Business Development and Innovation, BASF Canada</strong></p><p>​Irene Yang heads up BASF Canada's Growth Team, with full oversight and responsibility of BASF Canada's growth plan and implementation strategy, which includes driving new business leads and providing support to BASF's business units with local sales and marketing presence.</p><p>Prior to joining BASF Canada, Irene worked for BASF in Asia Pacific and U.S., leading strategic, sales and marketing projects with country and business unit executives. Prior to BASF, Irene was Director of Product Management and Strategic Partnerships in technology firms, and a consultant with McKinsey & Company.</p><p>Irene holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering & Management degree from McMaster University, and an MS in Electrical Engineering and MBA from MIT.  Irene serves as a member of the Canadian Leadership Team and a spokesperson for BASF businesses in Canada.</p></div>, Irene Yang
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters17Canadian Manufacturers & ExportersDavidFungManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass756AE5B4E96F4A40A6C0AE103A48AA01"><p> <strong>​​Chairman and CEO of the ACDEG Group</strong></p> <p>Dr. Fung is Chairman and CEO of the ACDEG Group, a global technology integrator. He has founded or co-founded over 30 business ventures/corporations in in North America, Europe and Asia. He is the Chancellor of Capilano University of BC and a venture advisor of Cycle Capital Management Inc. of Montreal, one of the largest Clean Tech venture funds in Canada. Dr. Fung is a member of the national boards of directors of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Canada China Business Council, Canadian Standards Association Group, Canadian Green Chemistry & Engineering Network and National Zero Waste Council. His operating experience includes Research Manager of C-I-L Inc., one of the largest chemical companies in Canada, President of Chemetics International Company, a global engineering and proprietary equipment company with five divisions on four continents and chemical plant projects on six continents, a Canadian-Swedish joint venture with Ekman AB, one of the largest pulp & paper traders in the world, a Canadian German joint venture with DSD Green Dot on packaging waste recycling in East Asia and a Shanghai based Sino-Canadian waste-gas-fuelled power plant joint venture - one of the most successful Canadian initiated investments in China. He has presented invited guest lectures in 30 universities in Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico. His current business ventures include the application of disruptive technologies in sustainable aquaculture and water ecology in the Americas, Europe and Asia.</p><p>Dr. Fung obtained his B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D. in chemical engineering from McGill University and his Chartered Director from Directors College (McMaster University and Conference Board of Canada). He was awarded the Canadian Asian of the Year (Business and Public Service) in 2009 by Asia Network Canada, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 by the Governor General of Canada and the Honorary Doctor of Law degree in 2014 by Capilano University.</p></div>, David Fung
City of Markham18City of MarkhamJackHeathManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass0A8787AA5D0E44B19F166E35375CD08F"><p>Jack Heath has been Deputy Mayor of the City of Markham since 2008. He was first elected in 1997 as a Local Councillor and then a York Region Councillor in 2003.  </p><p>Jack currently serves as the Chair of Markham's Waste Diversion Subcommittee, Chair of Housing York Inc., Chair of Markham District Energy Inc., and a Board member of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.  He is also Chair of Markham's Finance and Administration Committee.  He brought clear bags to Markham in 2013 which has driven the city's diversion rate up to 81%; his committee is presently preparing a textile ban for 2017.  </p></div>, Jack Heath
Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal19Communauté métropolitaine de MontréalMajaVodanovicManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass72CEC92166B449A9926CA8D7895FDC37"><p>Maja Vodanovic has been a member of the Executive Committee of the Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) and Mayor of the Borough of Lachine since November 2017. Passionate about environmental issues, Mrs. Vodanovic sits on the CMM's Environment and planning committee to find concrete solutions to improve our practices.</p><p>As a committed resident, she has been actively involved in the depollution of our waterways and the protection of our green spaces. Subsequently elected Mayor of the Borough, Mrs. Vodanovic's present challenge is to make Lachine-Est—a 40-acre area under redevelopment—a Canada-wide model for sustainable development, eco-neighbourhoods and human-scale development.  </p><p>Maja Vodanovic est membre de l'exécutif de la Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM) et Mairesse d'arrondissement de Lachine depuis novembre 2017. Passionnée par les enjeux environnementaux, Mme Vodanovic siège sur la commission de l'environnement et de l'aménagement de la CMM afin de trouver des solutions concrètes pour améliorer nos pratiques. </p><p>Citoyenne engagée d'abord, elle s'est mobilisée pour la dépollution de nos cours d'eau et pour la protection de nos espaces verts. Mairesse par la suite, son défi actuel est de faire de Lachine-Est, un secteur de 40 acres en redéveloppement, un modèle pancanadien de développement durable, d'écoquartier et de développement à échelle humaine.</p></div>, Maja Vodanovic
Recycling Council of British Columbia 2Recycling Council of British Columbia BrockMacdonaldManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass79999568CE624FA3809C3AFF975476EF"><p><strong>CEO, Recycling Council of British Columbia</strong></p><p>Brock Macdonald joined the Recycling Council of British Columbia as Communications Director in 2004 and was appointed CEO in 2006. From 2000 to 2004 he was communications manager for Product Care; B.C.’s first regulated industry stewardship agency. He’s a former vice-chair of the National Zero Waste Council, and currently co-leads its circular economy<span> </span>working group. As well, he sits on a range of boards and stewardship agency advisory committees. Brock is a former educator and journalist whose business experience extends from software and manufacturing to sports and entertainment. His current focus is in developing support for a sustainable circular economy. He holds both a master’s degree in leadership from Royal Roads University and a diploma in communications from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.</p></div>, Brock Macdonald
Lafarge Canada20Lafarge CanadaLincolnKyne Management Board<div class="ExternalClass0684BEC5829048CDACDA2A04CC58321D"><p><strong>Vice President, General Manager, British Columbia and Western Canada Aggregates​​​</strong></p><p>​Providing strategic leadership of Lafarge businesses in the province of British Columbia, Lincoln recognizes the importance of actively participating in the journey towards a full circular economy. With over 6,000 employees and 400 sites across Canada spanning cement, aggregates, concrete, asphalt, paving and construction, Lafarge has the ability to provide thought leadership in waste reduction backed by a vast operation that can implement meaningful change towards a circular economy.</p><p>Grounded in a strong educational background in business and environmental management, Lincoln draws on over 20 years of international management experience to drive business innovation and a focus on building more sustainable solutions in construction. He is also a Director on the board of the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association and also chairs the Construction Renovation and Demolition Waste (CRD) Working Group for the NZWC.</p></div>, Lincoln Kyne
Nature's Path Foods21Nature's Path FoodsMattLivingstonManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass6F6A7B305015411FAF4BD4E69055E911"><p><strong>Sustainability and Stewardship Specialist, Nature's Path Foods</strong><br></p><p>Matt Livingston is the Sustainability and Stewardship Specialist for Nature’s Path Foods, where he’s responsible for leading the company’s sustainability strategies. Matt formerly worked as Director of Sustainability at where his team launched several industry-first and award-winning waste reduction programs. Matt spent his early career in the skateboard industry working as impact manager for B Corp Certified Comet Skateboards where he still serves as an advisor. Matt is also a board member for Vancouver based Food Stash foundation which rescues surplus food from grocery stores and redistributes it to families in need. Matt is passionate about all things involving food systems and is determined to make a difference in all his work. In his spare time, you can either find Matt at the skatepark or on a really long bike ride somewhere in the back country.</p></div><br>, Matt Livingston
Retail Council of Canada22Retail Council of CanadaJulieDicksonManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass92B9FA51D07D4EFD8998E8B32BB3790C"><p>With more than 25 years of business management, strategy development and integrated marketing communications experience to her credit, Julie Dickson is a seasoned executive with a strong track record of success across a number of sectors and disciplines.</p><p>Today, as the Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Services for Save-On-Foods and the Overwaitea Food Group, Julie holds responsibility for public affairs, corporate responsibility, government and industry relations and strategic planning for sustainability and environmental leadership projects at Canada's largest privately-held Western-based retail grocery chain.</p><p>Currently, in addition to participating in a wide range of food industry initiatives and cross-sectoral projects, Julie is the co-chair of the Multi-Material Stewardship Western Advisory Committee; a member of the board of directors of Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba and a member of the board of directors of Canada’s National Zero Waste Council. She has acted as OFG’s official company spokesperson and has been a member of OFG’s Emergency Response and Business Continuity Team for over a decade.</p><p>An accomplished presenter and accredited adult educator, Julie is a long-standing member of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS). She has developed content for and hosted lectures, workshops, seminars and university courses on a host of topics including community engagement, communications strategy, reputation management, business management and social media.</p></div>, Julie Dickson
Surrey Board of Trade23Surrey Board of TradeJayRaoManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass4BF85681458949E8915E3F97699447B6"><div><p>​​Jay Rao, P.Eng., CSAP is the chair of the environment committee of the Surrey Board of Trade and has been leading the team since 2011. He is a third term Director of the Surrey Board of Trade. He is the Manager of Environmental Services -Western Canada with EXP Services Inc., a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting company within North America. He has nineteen years of civil/environmental engineering experience. He specializes in investigation and remediation of contaminated sites, waste treatment and management. He is also a Ministry of Environment Approved Professional for the remediation of contaminated sites. He has been deeply involved with the environmental industry within BC since 2001. Through the Surrey Board of Trade's environment team, he has focussed on developing positions related to waste management, waste reduction and circular economies. More importantly, he is passionate about environmental sustainability and believes that "Zero Waste" is achievable if all stakeholders are committed to this vision.</p></div></div>, Jay Rao
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)24Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)MairinLoewenManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassCCF4E85BEC394097B290A1FBCED0E0CF"><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;color:#444444;text-transform:none;line-height:1.6;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;font-weight:400;word-spacing:0px;white-space:normal;orphans:2;widows:2;text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;">​Mairin Loewen was first elected to Council in 2011, and was re-elected in 2012 and 2016. She grew up in Ward 7 and attended school there before moving to Ottawa to attend University.  Mairin has a B.A. in Political Science (Carleton University) and an M.A. in Political Studies (University of Saskatchewan).  Mairin has worked for the Province of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Medical Association, and the University of Saskatchewan.</p><p style="margin:0px 0px 10px;color:#444444;text-transform:none;line-height:1.6;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;font-weight:400;word-spacing:0px;white-space:normal;orphans:2;widows:2;text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;">Mairin is a co-founder and active volunteer with Girls Rock Saskatoon, and has also volunteered with CFCR Community Radio, the Open Door Society, and the Heart of the City Piano Program. In her spare time she likes playing music and sports. Mairin lives in Ward 7 with her partner and son.</p></div>, Mairin Loewen
Stuart Olson25Stuart OlsonClintUndsethManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassC753202FDC244A1582E7CD8D48B93AD5"><p>​<span style="color:#444444;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;font-weight:400;word-spacing:0px;float:none;display:inline !important;white-space:normal;orphans:2;widows:2;text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;">Clint is the VP of Innovation at Stuart Olson Construction. He is an innovative leader with 30 years of experience in the construction and technology industries, ranging from design and strategy to policy for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Throughout his career, he has provided strategic and tactical advice to boards and organizations focus</span><span style="color:#444444;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;font-weight:400;word-spacing:0px;float:none;display:inline !important;white-space:normal;orphans:2;widows:2;text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;">ed on accelerating innovation. Stuart Olson’s vision of the future is one where buildings are intelligently connected, environmentally proud, financially justified and healthy. Leading the innovation team at Stuart Olson, Clint and his group have developed a deep repository of technical expertise and embrace the culture of innovation.</span></p></div>, Clint Undseth
Cascades Recovery +26Cascades Recovery +MikhaelMetauroManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass0DC39FC2CDF44D59B8818D4E70563EA1"><p><strong>Director of Supply Development, </strong><strong>​Cascades</strong><strong> </strong></p><p>​​Mikhael has been a proud member of the Cascades Family for over 15 years. With his undergraduate degree in Strategic Selling & Marketing, Mikhael currently works within the Recovery+ division of Cascades as the Director of Supply Development focusing on procuring recyclables for Cascades and other end markets to consume and remanufacture into new products. Day in and day out Mikhael has the opportunity to deal with a wide range of customers from different market segments and backgrounds with various types of discarded material recovery needs. “It’s amazing to see how more and more organizations are focusing on sustainability and have put the people power in place to start thinking about better ways to recover more and waste less. For me this is where my focus has been and always will be, working with organizations to help them achieve their sustainability goals through coaching, planning and execution.” Mikhael is focused on creating a world where all materials have a positive end of life – a truly Circular Economy.</p></div>, Mikhael Metauro
Shape Property Management​27Shape Property Management​OskarKwietonManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass2900F7F1F80E4DD5AE7E23F59E1B5731"><p><strong>Director of Facilities, Operations and Maintenance, Shape Property Management​</strong></p><p>Oskar Kwieton is the Director of Facilities overseeing Operations and Maintenance at Shape Property Management. SHAPE currently manages +2.7M sq.ft of commercial space with +3.5M sq.ft. of commercial and residential space under construction stretching across western Canada.</p><p>He has over 30 years' experience in the hospitality, food & beverage, building, property, facility, retail industries, project management and sustainability. Oskar serves on the Burnaby Board of Trade and Building Owners and Managers Association Board of Directors and chairs the Environmental/Sustainability Committees.</p></div>, Oskar Kwieton
RECYC-QUÉBEC28RECYC-QUÉBECSophieLanglois-BlouinManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass60B819D72E2A44BFBB40843D9E9A0A81"><p> <strong>Vice-President of Operations, RECYC-QUÉBEC </strong></p><p>​Sophie Langlois-Blouin has worked for the government agency RECYC-QUÉBEC since October 2005 and is Vice-President of Operations since May 2018. Sophie coordinates all financial assistance programs and is in charge of extended producer responsibility (EPR), current recycling systems (curbside collection; organic matter; tires; deposit-refund on beer and soft drinks single-use containers; construction, renovation, and demolition waste), circular economy and waste reduction. She also oversees teams responsible for supporting municipalities and the industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sectors.</p></div>, Sophie Langlois-Blouin
The Salvation Army Thrift Store29The Salvation Army Thrift StoreTonnyColynManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass3FC9277E1369424DB26F35C27914A24C"><p><strong>National Director Business Development and Sustainability, The Salvation Army, National Recycling Operations</strong>​</p><p>Tonny has represented The Salvation Army Thrift Store National Recycling Operation, Canada's largest non-profit contributors in thrifted waste diversion, since 2013. She is currently a member of the National Leadership Team holding the position of National Director of Business Development and Sustainability. Tonny has been instrumental in establishing The Salvation Army Canada as a national and global leader in not only textile reuse and recycling, but also the reuse and recycling of all other household items through thrift.</p><p>Tonny is well known for her enthusiasm, involvement and leadership in several associations including being the President and co-founder of the National Association for Charitable Textile Recycling (NACTR), Vice-President with Nova Scotia's Association for Textile Recycling (AFTeR), steering committee member with Ontario Textile Diversion Collaborative as well as a board member with National Zero Waste Council. She has earned many speaking opportunities and partnerships in the world of thrift and waste diversion. As the author of the published paper A Tipping Point: The Canadian Textile Diversion Industry, Tonny is well known across the waste sector as a Canadian pioneer in textile diversion.</p></div>, Tonny Colyn
BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association3BC Bottle and Recycling Depot AssociationCorinneAtwoodManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassB528605D2E844D70AFC1CCAFE2E634F4"><p> <strong>Executive Director, BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association</strong></p><p> Corinne has been the Executive Director of the BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association for over 8 years. Prior to that she worked in community development as an Enterprise Facilitator and with Business Improvement Areas (BIAs)</p><p> Corinne holds the CAE (Certified Association Executive) designation as awarded by the Canadian Society of Association Executive (CSAE). She is also a certified Recycling System Manager as awarded by SWANA (Solid Waste Association of North America) and a certified Sirolli Enterprise Facilitator as awarded by the Sirolli Institute.</p><p> Corinne is currently a Director and Immediate Past President of the Canadian Society of Association Executives BC Chapter (CSAE-BC), Board of Variance Committee Member Corporation of Delta and Committee Member Vancity Community Advisory Committee (Surrey). Past awards and recognitions include CSAE-BC ACE (Association Cornerstone of Excellence) awards, COBE Award for Business Person of the Year New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and BIABC Best in the West Award for Best Economic Development Project.</p><p> Corinne has participated as a volunteer on a variety of boards and committees that have benefited community theatre, schools, environmental issues and animal welfare.</p> </div>, Corinne Atwood
A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.30A&W Food Services of Canada Inc.Angela GriffithsManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass610006248B2742A7A993A9FB5E1AD857"><p>Dr. Angela Griffiths is the Vice President, Food Safety, Animal Welfare and Environment at A&W Food Services Inc.. She has a PhD in Resource Management from the University of British Columbia and over 20 years’ experience in the sustainability field. Angela has led a nonprofit environmental organization focused on solid waste and climate change, a small urban sustainability planning firm, an Eco-Labelling program and more recently led a global team working on product sustainability for UL.   </p><p>Angela's team developed one of the first zero waste to landfill standards and verification programs. At A&W, Angela is responsible for food safety and quality, animal welfare and environment both in the supply chain and in our 1000 restaurants in Canada.</p></div>, Angela Griffiths
City of Vancouver31City of VancouverPeteFryManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass68284A71C3554A0ABFCA8BFA7D76C64F"><p>​​Pete Fry has served as a Vancouver City Councillor since 2018 and is a director with the Union of BC Municipalities and Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee. He is a graphic designer by trade, with a professional background in community development, advocacy and communications, and a deep concern for environmental issues.</p><p>A first-term councillor, Mr. Fry is committed to a more open government, collaborative community engagement, and a thriving and resilient city comprised of complete and equitable communities. Councillor Fry has lived in Vancouver since immigrating to Canada as a child.</p></div>, Pete Fry
London Drugs32London DrugsRamanJohalManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassECDF868EAC424489AAD0A3EBA3CBC9B2"><div> <p> <strong>Sustainability Specialist, London Drugs</strong></p><p>​​​​Raman is the Sustainability Specialist at London Drugs. Born and raised in London, England, he moved to Vancouver in 2009. He graduated from the Sauder School of Business at UBC with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a concentration in Sustainability. He also worked for the Sustainability and Ethics group at Sauder as a research assistant, helping them expand their sustainability education. A firm believer in responsible business and the ability for business to be a force for good, he now works for London Drugs, managing their extensive Green Deal program. He also sits on the management board of the National Zero Waste Council, helping to advance waste minimisation programs across the country.</p></div></div>, Raman Johal
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)33Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)DougDobrowlskiManagement Board,
Ocean Wise35Ocean WiseLauraHardmanManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassDBDAD138D07A4FD3BD33D9EF98F18D9B"><p><strong>​</strong><strong>Manager, Plastics Program, Ocean Wise</strong></p></div>, TBC
Provision Coalition4Provision CoalitionCherMereweatherManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassF8C3EE9B2D844FD5A12B8230CD03FAE6"><p> <strong>President & CEO, Provision Coalition</strong></p> <p>Cher is one of Canada’s leaders in food manufacturing sustainability. As founder and CEO of Provision Coalition Inc., Cher works directly with manufacturers to transform their business culture and operations.</p><p>Cher is a passionate advocate for a healthy lifestyle that is deeply connected to the natural environment. The food system became an obvious source of study and focus for her professional career, as food is the nexus between environment and health. What Cher stands for, is a world in which food products support both people and the planet. She has dedicated her career to working with businesses to get clear on why they exist, what their purpose is beyond profit, and to provide them with the support needed to execute this strategy, so that the real ‘magic’ can happen.</p><p>Cher’s career has included time with the Guelph Food Technology Centre where she established and directed the Sustainability Consulting Business Unit, and executive positions in environmental economics and policy with the Canadian agri-food think tank, the George Morris Centre. Cher holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Environmental Economics and Policy and is certified in both project and change management. Cher has also been awarded the Canadian Grocer Generation Next award for her leadership, innovation and excellence in sustainability within the food and beverage industry.</p><p>Cher sits on the Board of Directors for the National Zero Waste Council.</p></div>, Cher Mereweather
Second Harvest5Second HarvestLoriNikkelManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass0F8B72ED7AE84EF080B62AE891211495"> <p>​​Lori is a vocal and passionate champion of environmental and social justice issues related to food and is sought after for her expertise internationally.</p><p>Lori advised on the development of the provincial Food and Organic Waste Framework with the Ministry of Environment and Conservation and Parks and is the Co-chair of the Food Working Group at the National Zero Waste Council – a leadership initiative that brings together governments, businesses and organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada.</p><p>As CEO for Second Harvest - Canada’s largest Foodrescue organization- she ensures that over 12 million lbs of nutrient dense surplus food is diverted to social service agencies. Her current project is <a href=""></a>, a web-based platform that takes a local and technology approach to rescuing and delivering food.</p></div>, Lori Nikkel
Solid Waste Association of North America6Solid Waste Association of North AmericaAlidaKuschManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass60B60BE625DF4CA09B0DC11E84B72C4D"><p> <strong>Associate, Dillon Consulting Limited and Treasurer, Ontario Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)</strong></p> <p>With approximately 15 years consulting experience, Alida has been engaged on national projects with experience in solid waste management master plans, waste diversion and reduction program development and implementation, waste system planning, behavioural change programs, stakeholder engagement and consultation, and the provision of strategic advice on the implementation of various programs.</p><p>Alida is based in the Region of Waterloo, ON and holds a Dipl T. in Chemical Engineering, a B.Sc. in Environmental Science and a MA in Environmental Education and Communication.</p></div>, Alida Kusch
City of Toronto7City of TorontoMikeLaytonManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassE53C4FF991264D93A12ACB0758CCA3B3"><p><strong>​City Councillor for Ward 11, University-Rosedale</strong></p><p>As Councillor, Mike has worked tirelessly to protect and improve City services that people depend on, and to preserve the diverse character of the city’s neighbourhoods. He has been a strong voice on City Council to make Toronto a world leader in the fight against climate change. He has also championed building new affordable housing, investments in arts and culture, aboriginal issues and reconciliation, and better public transit and cycling infrastructure.</p><p>Mike has led the development of a number of creative new initiatives including: Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) funding energy efficiency and renewable energy projects on Toronto buildings, pressing the province to give Toronto Inclusionary Zoning powers to mandate affordable housing in new development, the Toronto Music Advisory Council, and the Cask Force – a joint City and industry advisory committee working to support and promote Toronto’s craft beer industry.</p><p>Mike serves as co-chair for the Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee where he led efforts to declare 2014 the year of Truth and Reconciliation, the inclusion of the acknowledgement of traditional territory in City Council, the development of a Toronto Aboriginal employment strategy, the establishment of an Indigenous Affairs Office, and other initiatives related to reconciliation.</p><p>Mike is active on national bodies including the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Cities Initiative, and the National Zero Waste Council.</p><p>Prior to being elected as City Councillor, Mike worked at Environmental Defence, one of Canada’s leading environmental charities. In that role, he worked to protect the Great Lakes and make Ontario a leader in green energy and jobs. He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies, with an Urban Planning Specialty. He is an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University where he has taught Canadian local government.</p></div>, Mike Layton
SymbiAudit Inc.8SymbiAudit Inc.JulianRadleinManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassFB8D7339685E4930B3E98D5AE69AE892"><p><strong>Co-Founder and Director, SymbiAudit Inc.​</strong></p><p>Julian Radlein is Co-Founder and Director of SymbiAudit Inc, a holding company overseeing biomass conversion and sustainable procurement assets, and Evergreen Sports Programming Ltd, a management consultancy that help organizations improve profitability by integrating environmental decision-making into their business model.</p><p>Julian has been a consultant in industrial impact mitigation for over 10 years and a management consultant for 8 of those years. He specializes in the use of statistical chemistry, appreciative inquiry, organizational benchmarking, and environmental economic analysis to develop and implement sustainability-related programs. His leadership skills stem from 5 years as a professional football player in the Canadian Football League where he was a team captain and CFLPA All-Star.</p><p>Prior to management consulting, Julian worked in research chemistry where his efforts resulted in the identification of a novel acid catalyst for continuous-flow biodiesel production. Julian has an interdisciplinary degree (B.A. IDST) from the University of British Columbia, with a focus in both physical chemistry and communications.</p></div>, Julian Radlein
Recycling Alternative 9Recycling Alternative LouiseSchwarzManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass7921F21416964CC29BF49569F7C933EA"><p><strong>​Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Recycling Alternative</strong></p><p>Louise is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Recycling Alternative, a Vancouver based business providing recycling and waste reduction services throughout the Lower Mainland since 1989. Together with business partner Robert Weatherbe, the company has garnered a reputation for community collaborations and innovative approaches to waste diversion and local recovery through models such as the Vancouver Biodiesel Co-operative, Food Scrap Drop Spots, Zero Waste Events, Recycle In Strathcona, and opening the greenHUB co-location model in 2014. Currently Recycling Alternative is working with local partners to develop closed loop recovery and materials upcycling opportunities within an industrial Green Enterprise Zone close to downtown Vancouver.</p><p>Louise sits on the boards of the Cultch and Our Social Fabric. Louise received the ‘Woman of Distinction Award’ in May 2012, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 for her work in environment and sustainability and in 2014 the City of Vancouver’s Award of Excellence for Greenest City Leadership. She holds degrees in Political Science and Spanish Literature from UBC, and a Teaching Degree from University of Glasgow.</p></div>, Louise Schwarz
Circular Supply Chains Inc.36Circular Supply Chains Inc.GlenMunhollandManagement Board<div class="ExternalClass2620D5FF41684899B120E11B00E8ED40"><p><strong>​CEO, </strong><span lang="EN-CA"><strong>Circular Supply Chains Inc. </strong><span lang="EN-CA"><strong> (a wholly owned subsidiary of Munholland Business Services Ltd.)</strong></span></span></p><p>I'm an Accountant with an engineering background. My company handled reverse logistics for Walmart for fifteen years and that experience taught me the extreme inefficiencies of retail logistics and the need to address this problem. We believe that zero waste and a circular economy are well within our reach and we look forward to working with members of the National Zero Waste Council to develop solutions.</p><ul><li>I'm a lead expert for ISO MC/TC-323 on the circular economy</li><li>Our company's circular economy project has been accepted onto the UN's One Planet Network under Sustainable Food Systems as part of SDG #12, Responsible Consumption and Production</li><li>Toyota Advanced Logistics Group wish to participate in this project and have quoted us on engineering and production requirements with further discussions planned for marketing and after-sales maintenance and warranty of the system we're developing</li><li>A study by EARTH University in Costa Rica indicates that we can reduce single-use packaging costs by $188,000,000 annually in their banana sector alone with this same system</li><li>The Industrial Research Assistance Program of the National Research Council of Canada have agreed to support this venture when all the right players are in place</li></ul><p>Circular Supply Chains Inc. is managed by a group of professionals who've banded together to bring this project to light. The principals of the company have worked on various projects together for over fifteen years. We like to scale audacious ideas where failure is just as important as success; fail fast, test again, incubate and scale what works. This team has been assembled specifically for this project to verify its impact on a global scale and we would like to invite members of the NZWC to please feel free to reach out to us as we would welcome your input on this endeavour.</p></div>,
Encorp Pacific (Return-It)37Encorp Pacific (Return-It)AllenLangdonManagement Board<div class="ExternalClassFDBAFE3023AC4024A1C576CE09A8602F"><p><strong>​</strong><strong>President and CEO, Encorp Pacific (Return-It)</strong></p><p>As the President and CEO of Encorp Pacific (Canada), Allen oversees the most successful used beverage container management program in Canada with a mandate to develop, manage and improve systems to recover used packaging and end-of-life products from consumers and ensure that they are properly recycled and not land-filled or incinerated.  Through its collection network consisting of 168 privately owned Return-It depots, 3 Express & GO stations, and 1 Return-It Express Plus location, Encorp Pacific has routinely exceeded a 75% recovery rate for used beverage containers in British Columbia while at the same time developing a collection network that has become the backbone for a number of other recycling programs around the province.</p><p>Prior to joining Encorp Pacific, Allen served as the Managing Director for Recycle BC, the first 100% Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program for paper and packaging in North America where industry assumed full financial and managerial responsibility for the residential recycling system.</p><p>Allen has extensive experience in sustainability and extended producer responsibility, and previously served as the VP of Sustainability for the Retail Council of Canada and the VP of Environment for the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors, advancing those industries' responses to a range of complex sustainability issues including climate change, sustainable packaging, EPR programs, and animal welfare.</p></div>,




Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance12Canadian Stewardship Services AllianceJohnCoyneAdvisory Board<div class="ExternalClass9F6A740C7BDA44F8827AEF4038430281"><p><strong>Vice President, Legal & External Affairs and General Counsel Unilever Canada Inc.​</strong></p><p>John has been with Unilever Canada since 1992. He is a member of Unilever Canada’s board of directors as well as the Canadian Leadership Team, and is also chair of the company’s Pension Committee.<br></p><p>John is well known for his leadership in corporate sustainability. He is a passionate activator of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, designed to help Unilever deliver its objective of growing the business while reducing its environmental footprint and increasing its positive contribution to society. John is Executive Chair of the Board of Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance, Inc. and is a director of Evergreen. In addition, John is co-chair of the Partners in Project Green steering committee, a major environmental initiative of the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. He is also director and past Chair of Stewardship Ontario. In 2013 John was recognized for his leadership in corporate sustainability by being named by Clean 50 as one of Canada’s top sustainability leaders. Last year, John was appointed as a member of the Ontario Government’s Climate Action Group advising the Ontario Minister of the Environment on effective climate change actions that will help Ontario meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals and transition to a prosperous, low-carbon economy.</p><p>John also works closely with industry groups and other organizations. He is Chair of the board of Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation and is director and past Chair of the Association.</p></div>, John Coyne
Union of BC Municipalities14Union of BC MunicipalitiesJaredWrightAdvisory Board<div class="ExternalClassF11A9063B80242F5887A4AE3F600FF5F"><p><strong>​</strong><span style="color:#444444;text-transform:none;text-indent:0px;letter-spacing:normal;font-family:"segoe ui", segoe, tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;font-style:normal;word-spacing:0px;float:none;display:inline !important;white-space:normal;orphans:2;widows:2;text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;"><strong>​Director of Advocacy and Government Relations, Union of BC Municipalities</strong></span></p></div>, Jared Wright